Why I Wrote The Book | Confidence on Camera
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Why I Wrote The Book

Simple tips for presenters in any business arena

Writing this book was a long-standing idea that I had wanted to do. Combining my knowledge from the performance, TV presenting and corporate worlds to share simple tips for presenters in any business arena.

Empowering others to love being on camera as much as I do – while knowing it’s OK to be nervous at the start and that being #FLAWSOME is the best way to be on screen!

My main aim is to connect people and presenters across the world to help anyone learn how to present on camera, to empower DIY video production, so they can easily share their expertise and help the world too. The interactive content that goes with the book is the start of an online community and ConfidenceOn.Camera shared video experience training arena.

From kids who want to get into a foreign school or college, to having to use video as a business tool or CV for a new role; or from an entrepreneur, redundancy or retiree starting a new business, to professional speakers, presenters and global experts – basically anyone who uses video presenting, live streaming, webinars, video conferencing or virtual meetings.

Anyone can create a better connection and make more of an impact with ConfidenceOn.Camera